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8 minutes that can change your (intimate) life!  Bringing a whole new approach to women’s health, the BTL Exilis Ultra Femme 360° provides the shortest non-invasive treatment available for female intimate parts.

What is the Ultra Femme 360°?
The Ultra Femme 360° is a new procedure that improves the women’s intimate health and can treat both internal and external women’s intimate parts in the same session. The revolutionary 360° design of the applicator enables to cut the treatment time of the internal part to only 8 minutes. Using radiofrequency waves and ultrasound, the therapy is completely non-invasive and virtually painless. Custom tips are available for increased patient comfort.

The device works by inserting the 360° disposable tip through the Introitus inside the vaginal canal. The tip moves alongside the whole length of the vaginal canal using slow repeating motion forward (towards Cervix) and backward (towards Introitus).

Rejuvenation of the vagina and entire vulvar and area including:

  • Plumping of Labia Majora

  • Lifting and firming of Labia Minora
  • Tightening of Introitus (vaginal opening)
  • Tightening of Vaginal Canal
  • Tightening of Perinium
  • Increased Blood Flow to Clitoris
  • Increased Sensitivity & Improved Orgasm
  • Improvement in Stress Incontinence

The labia are tightened and raised, the diameter of the vaginal opening decreases, lubrication of the area improves, as does sexual satisfaction. It can also be used to address perineal loosening caused by childbirth. A great side benefit of the procedure is the improvement of stress incontinence from the tightening of the anterior wall of the vagina.

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What is the O-Shot®?
  • The O-Shot® is a simple procedure that uses the growth factors in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate vaginal and clitoral tissue.

  • O-Shot® procedure begins with a simple blood draw. Your blood is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the PRP from the red blood cells. The Platelet Rich Plasma containing groeth factors is then injected in an area near the clitoris and into the area of the upper vagina that is most important for the sexual response (O-Shot®). These areas are numbed with local anesthetic cream injection, causing you to experience little or no discomfort during the procedure.

How Does The O-Shot® work?

  • The PRP is injected into an area called ‘’O-Spot’’ – a collection of structures that activate the orgasm system. The platelets than release seven different growth factors that than activate the unipotent stem cells located in the located in the vaginal and clitoral tissue to regenerate and thus become ‘’younger’’ with improves functional potential.

  • Women often enjoy some effects of the O-Shot® almost immediately, as the growth factors begin to rejuvenate and enhance the sexual response. Women receiving the O-Shot® procedure have reported an increase in their sexual response within days and weeks of the treatment – and for many, the increase is dramatic.

What Can The O-Shot® Do For You?

  • Although each women’s experience may differ in some ways, many clients report:

  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation

  • Younger, smoother skin of the vulva (lips of the vagina)

  • A tighter introitus (vaginal opening)

  • Stronger orgasm

  • More frequent orgasm

  • Increase sexual desire

  • Increased ability to have vaginal orgasm

  • Decrease pain of those with dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

  • Increase natural lubrication

  • Decreased or resolved urinary incontinence (both urge and stress problems)

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